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Her design studies help her on a daily basis.

“I focused on service design, user experience and transition design – looking at global issues and how to get things done to make things better for everyone, whether it’s products , systems or guidance,” she said.

“I look at how the user interfaces with the application system, how people move through the process, and how I communicate with prospective students and their families, faculty, and CMU Admissions. It’s something I do every day,” Loosemore said. “It was interesting to study the ‘why’ behind it all and how to improve it.”

Juggling her work and schoolwork over the past three years has been difficult, but she credits a strong support system to drama school and her husband for helping her along the way. Because of COVID, she has spent part of the past two years working and taking online classes while living in Interlochen, where her husband works in information technology.

“I wouldn’t have eaten if it wasn’t for him. He said, ‘You’re taking a 10-minute break. Dinner is ready,” she said with a laugh.

Loosemore is an artist at heart, having grown up in an Indiana home where her artistic talents were nurtured. Her mother was a teacher and a gardener who created beautiful handmade lampshades. His great-grandfather headed the sculpture department at the School of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. She graduated from Indiana University in Bloomington with a BA in Fiber, Textile, and Weaving Arts, and in Art History, Criticism, and Curatorial.

Loosemore is a independent artist who creates embroidered and beaded fiber pieces on canvas and has designed costumes for Parallel 45, a professional theater company in Northern Michigan. She hopes to participate in a week-long artist residency in New York this summer.

“For me, it’s always been about art and people,” she said. “I love helping students understand how to make their artistic world possible. This is important to me and this is where I find joy in my work.

His greatest joy is to spread the good news.

“I really like making a difference for people. A student once said to me when I called to tell them they had been admitted, ‘Mica, you have the best job ever. You can make dreams come true. “


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